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Recent mentees include mid-career executives from Capgemini, Samsung, and The University of Sydney, as well as independent consultants, small business owners, and start-ups through Telstra's muru-D accelerator program. In addition, I was a Mentor for the Singapore Council of Women's Organizations for several years.

My approach reflects my “quick-start” style, leverages my diverse background, and, if appropriate, uses tools and inspiration from  Access Consciousness®, acting techniques taught in the top schools in Sydney and Los Angeles, and Asian philosophies.

CMO Mentoring

For CMOs

Your First 90-Days

Custom programs to onboard new CMOs or support current communications leaders and their teams during periods of rapid change.

Inclusions are tailored to the individual or team’s needs.

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Results you can receive


Diane von Furstenberg

Mentored store manager and  junior stylists at Santa Monica Place on how to improve client relations and operations to consistently achieve or exceed monthly sales targets during brand reinvention under Jonathan Saunders. Sales increased by more than 50% over the quarter. 



Mentored Head of Product Marketing during an intense period of uncertainty and growth to develop a content strategy and instructional video series empowering 8,500+ BC consultants to have sales conversations with potential customers in a way that would drive revenues and reinforce the company’s “trusted brand” status nationwide. 


Teletrac Navman

Provided “surgical strike” guidance to Marketing Director to rapidly repair (in one week) all storytelling and positioning of the Company’s fleet tracking software to B2B customers via its new website.  

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Trent Huffman.jfif


"I successfully make pitches on behalf of businesses all the time, but when it came time to pitch my own capabilities for a high-growth job opportunity, I was stuck. Having known Marta for many years, and familiar with her extensive body of work helping to shape brands, it was a no-brainer to reach out to her.  

I thought it would take some time to get in the groove, but Marta immediately jumped into action; she carefully listened to my objectives, she asked questions that helped me synthesize my thinking and, most importantly, she instilled a level of confidence in me that led to the most fruitful conversations of my career.  Her aptitude, instincts, and track record put Marta in a league of her own."

—  Trent Huffman

Executive Advisor & Global Digital Brand Strategist, NYC

White Plants

Quick-Starting New GTM Approaches for Solopreneurs  in a “Survival Mode Economy” 

With the world consumed by a global pandemic and economic crisis, companies of all sizes are asking:  How do we:  cut our costs, keep revenue coming in, and keep our operations going? 

I am offering a select group of solopreneurs and small businesses special opportunities to receive support from me to clarify priorities and find money in their business now. Below are the details of the offers. 

For Solopreneurs

COVID-19 Special Offers

Surgical Strike

Offer 1

In 2 -3 weeks, clarify priorities, and find easy and elegant ways to cut costs and generate income.

20-minute quick-start call.

Review of your current situation.

Executive summary based on our initial conversations and your input with an early framework for a 15- to 30-day action plan.

A 45-minute video session to review the recommendations, align on the top three priorities, take action in real-time as appropriate, and agree to the next steps.

A final recap report with "to do's".

Strategic Asset Review

Offer 2

In 3-4 weeks, maximize your existing brand assets while minimizing the leakage of your financial resources.

Everything that’s in Surgical Strike, plus a review of your brand positioning {collateral and core messaging} with suggested refinements to make it as relatable and relevant during this time as possible.

One to three “campaign concepts” and/or strategic approach to All-Mediaˢᵐ {social and traditional media} will be included in the executive summary for discussion during our co-creative video session.

90-Day Survival Plan

Offer 3

In 4-6 weeks, we will set you up to not just survive but thrive for the next 90 days and beyond.  

Includes everything in the previous offers, plus a more in-depth review of your operations {business model, client pipeline, packages/pricing, staff/support, etc.}

A 90-day action plan, possibly including an editorial/events calendar. 

Light execution support, as appropriate {e.g., media outreach, resourcing talent, strategic introductions, etc.} and/or weekly sounding board sessions where you will receive spot mentoring on to course-correct as you see the results.


Caroline Weiss.jfif

Caroline Weiss

Director of Media Services,

Author Solutions, LA

"Being Bespoke with Marta was exactly what I was seeking in my life. What I appreciated most was the encouragement to find out what I truly needed and desired -- and the space to own those things and be okay with them!  The customized, day-long intensive experience was so perfect -- and it brought me a tool that I've come to rely on in the months since, which is something I am EVER grateful for [Kundalini!!!]. The work was intense but critical to my self-worth. Not only did it help me to really see myself as someone worth celebrating, I achieved tangible results. I would wholeheartedly recommend Marta for anyone ready to take a deeper step into exploring their life, their purpose, and their whole reason for being. "


Christel Mesey

Online Creator’s Coach

"Life sometimes brings you to meet the people you need! Marta helped me to set a clearer goal for my new-born entrepreneurship. She helped me to understand my blockages and planted seeds that lead me a few months later to embrace my path and projects. Her frankness and kindness were really what I needed to have as good mentoring. Thanks again for your inspirational support."


Jacqueline Vaughn

University of Sydney

"Working with Marta was the best money I'd ever spent on a mentor. Not only was she able to unpack what made me tick but she was then able to show me how to bring those seemingly disparate parts together in a way that truly excited me. I totally respect her opinion which was delivered in a professional, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is manner. She's very empowering!"

General Mentoring

Transitioning to a new culture, phase of life, or wondering how to transform your current circumstances to create  your “next new normal?” Whether you’re struggling with your finances, health, relationships, or self-image, I would love to support you in creating meaningful change aligned with your vision. 

Let's talk!

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